Field Collective


Landscape inspiration:

“Sclerophyllous (hard-leaved) plants commonly form the foundation of this plant community. They have small, hard leaves, that roll up, under, or fall off during the normal summer drought.” –

Dominated by the aroma of coyote bush, a charateristic of many hikes through native chapparel and scrub.


Our design response to test:

Grayish green blanket of prostrate coyote bush setting an evergreen framework for seasonally dynamic and deciduous companion planting

Use plants of similar heights with dusty blues, golds, and pink colors


Plant palette list:

Groundcover Layer (50%)
Baccharis pilularis spp pilularis (prostrate coyote bush)

Filler Species (5-10%)
Eschscholzia californica
Stipa pulchra

Seasonal Layer (25-40%)
Mimulus aurantiacus

Structural Layer (10-15%)
Acmispon glaber
Artemisia californica
Eriogonum nudum var. nudum