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Burlingame Residence Landscape Design from Field Collective Landscape Architecture

Burlingame Residence

PROJECT LOCATION: Burlingame, California
SIZE: 6,100 sq feet
CLIENT: Private
STATUS: Ongoing
ROLE: Landscape Architect / Designer

Our Burlingame Residence clients were looking for a comprehensive landscape strategy and plan to compliment their ‘forever home’. They wanted a timeless design to meet the needs of their young family now. Whilst being adaptable as their family grows and their needs evolve. Another goal was visual screening from their neighbors, as well as creating spaces for play, outdoor dining, socializing and gardening.

We designed two initial concepts and then upon feedback and collaboration, developed a final concept. The final concept is one that facilitates children’s play and interaction with the natural world, while providing moments of respite for the adults. A large deck, level with the floor of the house, provides an outdoor living extension as well as a great spot to watch the kids play. Steps wrap around the deck to provide access to a curvilinear no-mow lawn, bordered by a flagstone path. The path is purposely designed as a bike track for the kids, yet can also function as a meandering garden path giving access to two vegetable planters, a generous fire pit area, and the existing home office shed at the back of the property. Natural play elements such as boulders, the no-mow lawn, stepping stones, sensory planting, and the existing trees are fully integrated into the design.

The client’s were also keen to incorporate sustainability and resilience into the scheme and are passionate about the long-term stewardship of their property. As such, we developed a beautiful native meadow-esque plant palette that will be low-water and drought tolerant, and also contribute to local biodiversity. 

1. Landscape Plan Concept Option 01

Burlingame Residence Landscape Design from Field Collective Landscape Architecture

2. Landscape Concept Option 01 Perspective

3. Landscape Plan Concept Option 02

4. Landscape Concept Option 02 Perspective

5. Final Landscape Concept Plan