Field Collective

our mission

At Field Collective, we strive to create work at the intersection of ecology, functionality and beauty.

  • We recognize the urgency of creating innovative and creative solutions to the global catastrophes of the Anthropocene – “an unofficial unit of geologic time used to describe the most recent period in Earth’s history when human activity started to have a significant impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystems.” – National Geographic
  • We aim to integrate strategies of biodiversity enhancement, carbon emission reduction and carbon sequestration into all our projects where possible. 
  • We are eager to aid passionate clients in their desires to cultivate visually inviting and ecologically functional projects. 
  • We wish to encourage and increase opportunities for interactions with nature, and believe clever design can enable this in even the most urban of situations. 
  • We advance our practice through constant learning and practice-based research. Many lessons can be learnt from plants if we take the time to observe, and forgotten or underutilized landscape management practices hold valuable knowledge to seek.  
  • We acknowledge the Bay Area was a landscape stewarded by indigenous tribes Chochenyo, Karkin, Ramaytush,Yokuts, Muwekma, Patwin, Bay Miwok, and Muwekma prior to colonization. We recognize we are living and working on their unceded homeland.
  • We recognize many projects and practice default to a narrative that is not inclusive. We seek ways to bring forward the narratives of those who have been silenced or marginalized. 

our services

Field Collective is a women-owned, San Francisco-based landscape architecture practice specializing in design for ecological resilience, co-founded by Alexandra Harker and Nicki Copley in 2021. Together we have over 16 years of professional experience in all phases of design, including strategy planning, conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documentation, entitlement and permitting drawings, and construction administration.

At Field Collective, we work with homeowners, engineers, architects and community groups to create unique and site responsive landscapes. We embrace collaboration; we work closely with our clients to design creative solutions that meet their project goals. Our previous work includes biodiversity gardens, residential, hospitality, campus design, playgrounds, multi-family housing and open spaces over structure.

We strive to design beautiful, ecologically resilient and place-based landscapes that are deeply connected with the people and wildlife who inhabit them. We are passionate about designing with plants – the benefit they provide to biodiversity enhancement and the emotional connection to the wild they trigger in us all. During 2020, we volunteered many hours to the Potrero Eco-Patch, a community-led demonstration garden, where we have developed a series of San Francisco native plant mixes for testing and research. We are still involved in the Eco-Patch’s ongoing management.

Licensed California Landscape Architect: Alexandra Harker #6216

our history

Alexandra Harker and Nicki Copley have worked closely since 2017. While at San Francisco firm Creo Landscape Architecture, they worked together on multiple projects, including a large aged-living campus upgrade in Union City, a preschool in San Mateo, and a Mountain View office open space. Since coming together in 2020 as Field Collective, they have collaborated on the community-based Eco Patch project in Potrero Hill, San Francisco, as well as multiple residential projects within the wider Bay Area. Shared passions for the environment, education and research, and industry innovations, as well as their friendship, creates a solid foundation for their work.