Field Collective

Hillcrest Residence

SIZE: 5,000 square feet
CONTRACTOR: A&C Stoneworks
STATUS: Completed in 2021
ROLE: Planting design

Our clients had engaged a contractor to rebuild the backyard terracing, replacing stone terracing with wood. During construction, however, they became concerned with the dominance of the brown tones of wood in the landscape. They weren’t sure what to plant to mitigate this, so they hired Field Collective to develop a planting design to add a lush evergreen plant palette to contrast with the wood and to also screen neighboring houses.

In addition, a real estate office had planted the front yard before the client’s house purchase, but the planting lacked cohesion and was not liked by the clients. 

Our planting design for the front and back yards had the following focus:

  • Evergreen
  • Complex textures
  • Predominately low water
  • A mix of native and exotic
  • Screening