Field Collective

Ivy Hill Residence

SIZE: 5,750 SF
STATUS: Concept completed in 2023
ROLE: Landscape architect

A large focus for this property was views. Maximizing existing views to downtown Oakland, whilst also creating more inward, secluded views through screening and using a layered approach to the planting design.

The existing backyard was dominated by a large non-functioning concrete driveway. We designed a scheme that would:

  • Provide clear spatial and visual separation between the main yard area and the tenant entrance and courtyard.
  • Improve the streetside entrance experience so it was pedestrian focused, compared to the existing vehicle-dominated entry.
  • Create different flexible spaces that took advantage of the sun at different times of the day – an important condition as the site was shaded for much of the day by large neighboring trees.
  • Improve the backyard entrance from the house.
  • Create rain gardens to direct water into the ground, rather than onto hard surfaces – improving ecological functionality.
  • Extend the driveway to allow for an additional parking spot.
  • Incorporate a mostly native plant palette of low-water-use plants

Conceptual landscape plan

Conceptual levels plan

Conceptual section showing relationship between key levels and slopes