Field Collective

Sweet Residence

PROJECT LOCATION: Oakland, California
SIZE: 1,980 sq feet
CLIENT: Private
STATUS: Ongoing
ROLE: Landscape Architect / Design

Our clients primarily needed a planting design to move forward with their vision for their backyard. The different functions of the space were working well, but they were looking for a more densely planted landscape. They had mulched areas in preparation to receive planting, but needed design help to determine a plant palette and composition that would captivate. A primary objective for the planting was to provide screening from their neighbors.

Several mature plants/trees already present in the backyard provided the framework for a design that has it’s original inspiration in topiary. We explored a mix of plant shapes and foliage textures to create a planting vision that we see as a contemporary Californian play on the European topiary garden model.

Plants and plant combinations were selected that would both be safe for the client’s young family and also delight their senses and sense of adventure. We hope there will be much exploring to come in this beautiful garden.

Existing Landscape